Copy Your Events in Three Easy Steps!

Just make a list of the event urls, load them to us in .txt format, and we’ll create an ical file in .ics format you can import into your own calendar.

Save hours of tedious work each week and list more events than ever!

Here’s how it works.


Go to an event on your favorite PUBLIC social media site and copy the url address at the top of the page into a file. Do this for all the events you want.

Please save as a text file only (1 URL per line). Here is an example of what a file might look like,


Load the file to our site and wait a few minutes for processing, and you’ll get a new file back in .ics format.


Import the new file into your favorite calendar application.

Cost for each successful event is just 10¢!

We’ll add up the total and bill you. Once you’ve settled up, we’ll give you access to your file.

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